Dr. Joerg Tautrim Management Consulting

Make your company secure for the future!

Dr. Tautrim Management Consulting has implemented a large number of successful consultancy projects over the last decade. Creating value for the customer, customer satisfaction and securing the future of your company are all critical for successful management consultancy.

In addition to an engineering-based, clearly focused approach, the integrity, creditability and professionalism of our consultants are a unique selling point of our management consultancy.

Our approach is characterized by crystal-clear structuring, focusing and consistent integration of all the people concerned.

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LEAN ADVISOR – How Lean really works

Professional training for your long term success.

The Lean Institute holds from March 17th, 2014 a 5-day LEAN ADVISOR training.

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Dr. Jörg Tautrim
Dr. Jörg Tautrim


“Our customers achieve a preferred position in the competitive process.”


“We exploit significant business potentials.”

Motivation for external management consulting

Special topics with deep knowledge